Inspire with self-confidence and serenity as a new leader

Learn how you can lead relaxed and successfully in 100 days.

The conversation is free of charge, non-binding and nonrecurring.

This is in your way

Which callenges do Leaders often face in their new role?

Your Management Skills

Your skills in self-management and in leading employees are the basis for your successful career.

We will guide you in your new management responsibility and develop your confident leadership personality that fits into today’s world.

We also look at how using the right tools will help you to organize your day-to-day work optimally and how you avoid being overwhelmed.

Team Setup

Your well-functioning team delivers top performance, is loyal and goes the extra mile with you. That’s why we’re looking at how you can leverage and develop your team’s strengths to achieve the best possible results. Based on proven methods, you will be enabled to easily implement the topic of employee management and development.

We will show you how to master appraisal interviews with ease and specifically promote the development of your team and each individual.

Organizational Leadership

We are exposed to constant changes. We will show you how to position yourself and your team in such a way that larger change processes become easier for you and you can actively help shape them, and how you can make yourself more independent of external influences even in emergency situations.

Employees are happiest when they understand the goal and purpose of what they do, which is why developing a vision for your team is so important. We help you to find your team’s vision and make you and your team fit for the future.

Your Next Career Steps

Together we will look at your options for your further career path and develop a concrete step-by-step plan on how you can further expand your success.

You don´t know how to overcome these challenges to inspire as a leader?

In a free consultation, we develop a step-by-step plan from your starting point to a successful leader.

The conversation is free of charge, non-binding and nonrecurring.

Become a top leader in 100 days and receive recognition and appreciation for your achievements. 

We make sure that you learn all the necessary management skills within a short period of time in order to master any situation in your everyday work with confidence, without working continuously or constant stress and pressure to perform.

How you become a top leader

Your advantages at a glance

More serenity and effortlessness

Feel absolutely comfortable in your new role and become the leader you always wanted to be.

Achieve top performance with your team

Achieve your department’s goals with ease and lead your happy team to absolute success.

A balanced professional and private life

Find the perfect balance in your everyday life without neglecting one area of life or working around the clock.

Your Coach and Mentor

About me

I myself have 20 years of experience in leading management positions at various hierarchical levels in Germany and abroad. As an expert in setting up teams and employee development, I have already worked in various company structures, including DAX-listed companies, owner-managed companies, agencies and start-ups, and have supported executives. Based on my many years of experience, I have developed a concept specifically for newly appointed leaders.

As a New Leadership Coach & Mentor, I help people in leading positions with my proven concept to improve their communication with employees, to gain more serenity and self-confidence and thereby to revolutionize the topic of employee management and bring it into the present day. I work with best practices and scientifically based methods and combine them with mindset work. 

My clients are supported in 1:1 sessions and brought to true top performance by a community of like-minded leaders.

As a result, after just a few weeks, they will experience noticeable changes in themselves and in the effect on their employees and team.

That's what customers say about us

Customers reviews

„Carolin is a true expert in developing people. To have her as my mentor made a huge impact in becoming a better leader and team player. By recognizing my strengths and giving me her trust, she let me find my own way to achieve my goals but was always guiding me into the right directions and offering the right tools when she saw that I need it. Her input was a game changer in my personal growth.”

Esther Cals

Zalando SE

I was so grateful that I could have Carolin as my mentor when I got the chance to be promoted as senior manager to lead a team of 20 members. To work in an intercultural environment brings a lot of challenges in communication and understanding. With the guidance from Carolin I found the best way to connect international teams and the right approach to develop people from various cultural backgrounds. I learned so much about myself and how to become a better leader in an international context. With the provided tools I was able to build the most efficient team structure so that achieving our goals was easy then. With bringing in new perspectives she changed my way of leading, she helped me to find my own style and I cannot thank her enough for her great input.“

Daniel Ding

s.Oliver Hangzhou Office Yau Kam Asia Ltd. China

Our strategy and methods

Three steps to a
successful career

First Contact

First select a free date from our calendar. Then take 2-3 minutes to fill out the short form.

Extensive initial consultation

After your contact request, you will receive a free consultation to find out whether and how we can specifically support you.

Your Consultation

If we determine during the free initial consultation that we can help you, we will develop a career path that is individually tailored to you.


Especially at the beginning of a new management position, we are under enormous pressure to perform and experience a lot of stress. On the one hand, this affects your performance and that of your team. Furthermore, constant stress, sleepless nights and constant thoughts of work lead to physical complaints. Learn the most important methods of leadership, time and stress management as well as communication with your team right from the start, so that you can carry out your new task with ease and joy. No-one is born a master,, so take the first step right away and don’t leave your career to chance.

Of course, it makes sense to use the company’s own training opportunities. You will gain valuable insights into the specific processes in your company. Nevertheless, it is often the case that important factors are neglected due to a certain „operational blindness“ and things that have always been done this way are simply continued. In Carolin’s coaching you will learn the latest management skills based on scientific methods and proven knowledge. You can then use these in any company and thus bring yesterday’s leadership into today.

Carolin’s concept includes both 1:1 sessions and intensive group coaching. This will develop a concept that is individually tailored to your situation. In a group of like-minded leaders you can share your experiences, motivate each other and learn from each other.

We all know them – the leaders who works 24/7, who are constantly stressed and have no time for the development of their team. As a manager, it is not your job to get bogged down in day-to-day operations and work day and night. It is much more important to lead your employees in such a way that your team achieves top performance, the corporate culture is promoted and you contribute to the further development of your employees. Carolin’s concept gives you everything you need to know to become a role model as a leader and to get the recognition and appreciation for your performance that you want. And without constant stress.

The concept is specifically tailored to the challenges facing managers. This also takes into account the high level of responsibility and the fact that you are challenged accordingly in terms of time. The program can be easily integrated into your stressful everyday life.

In this short conversation, you already have the opportunity to get helpful impulses for dealing with your managerial responsibility. We would like to get to know you and your individual situation better. In the consultation you will find out what our cooperation will look like in concrete terms. We will explain our concept to you in detail and answer all your questions.

The interview takes place online (Zoom, teams, etc.), you can choose the platform individually. The interview usually lasts between 45 and 60 minutes.

Inspire with self-confidence and  serenity as a new leader.

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Carolin Schwiethal